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Reading, Writing and Rethinking Life

Getting older has nothing to do with loss.  Yes, as we get older we do lose friends, but if we want to continue living a full life, we make new ones. Yes, some of us also lose some of our agility, but we must also

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Confidence is the key to success that begins in childhood

Whether you are a parent or grandparent helping children to become confident is paramount to their success in all aspect of life.  Confidence affects their ability and choice of friends, how well they do in school, and their future careers. The challenge with confidence, much

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School Holidays Are Great For Kids, but

not so much for parents.  Keeping kids engaged and busy can be challenging.  Even with summer camps and family vacations taking up time, there is still a lot of time left that needs to be planned for. That is generally where grandparents come in. We