Aging Safely At Home – New and Revised book from the Staying Home Series

Aging Safely at Home , not in a home, replaces the original book titled Staying Home in your 70s, 80s, and Beyond.

Why?  Well, the new title seems to fit more with the actual content of the book.  And it seems that some of that are aging don’t like to be reminded of our age.

I guess I am different. I don’t mind people knowing my aging because I am proud to have reached this age with (most) of my faculties still intact.


Aging at home is the wish of most seniors. As I reach my 70s, and after observing how several of my siblings and friends spent the last years of their lives, one of my scariest thoughts is having to live in “A Home” that is any home other than my own. As long as I have my faculties, the place where I want to spend the rest of my life is my own home.

And I believe that I am not alone in this decision. One thing I have learned about that choice is to make it happen requires planning.