Back Pain & Aging

Sooner or later the vast majority of us will encounter some form of back pain.  As a back pain sufferer, I know this to be true.  What I also know to be true is that taking care of backs ourselves is most often what is needed.  Unless you are candidiate for back surgery that may or may not work you need to read this book.


My mantra is to quote my daugher: “No mommy I do meself”.    I intend to do what ever I can myself when it comes to looking after my health.

For most of us, back pain is simply an annoying thing that happens once and a while. For others though it can be extremely debilitating and even disabling. One of the most important things for us as we age is to know just what is causing our pain. As if often said forwarned is forearmed and aging needs all the early warning it can get. Understanding what is happening to our bodies as we get older is essential to us remaining independent as we age.

No matter what your current age, being aware of and knowing what to do when back pain is an issue can help ensure that if it can’t be entirely removed the pain can be managed.

I wrote this book as I often write many of my books, starting with issues I may currently have or concerns I have about the future and aging. So this book came about because I suffer from back pain myself. Now being told that it is passed the point that anything medical can be done to reduce it, I needed to find my own solution to deal with the pain. Along the way, I found many different options for not only dealing with it but managing it as I age. The results of what I learned are shared in this book.

There is truth in the saying “we teach what we most need to learn”. I’m am just putting a little different twist on that by saying “I share what I learned so others can educate themselves.”

So if you buy into what I just wrote, perhaps you will buy my book!


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Sooner or later the vast majority of us will encounter some form of back pain.  The important issue is recognizing just what that pain is a result of.  If it is a serious degenerative disease or the result of some severe stress on your spine, the sooner you recognize it and address it the better your chances of either repairing the damage or putting into action management tools address it and prevent further more depilating pain.  This book is intended to provide you with the knowledge and information that will allow you to make an informed choice or decision about how to address the pain you are either experiencing now or may in the future.  Please note that we said “recognize,” not diagnose which should only be done by your doctor.  Self-diagnosis is usually more damaging than helpful.