Clean Your House Before You Go – A guide dealing with all the stuff that doesn’t get in the Will



  • a critical piece of information we all need to know is -The Will –  your will does not generally tell your loved ones what to do with ALL your stuff.
  • Every child who experiences the death of a parent wants to do what they believe their parents would want after they are gone.
  • Close the doors on Family Storage – The war on who owns what as you clean can be avoided if you take a stand and close the door on family storage
  • Pictures are by far the most treasured items we leave behind. One of the other great things about technology is the ability to digitizing pictures and to label them for future viewers.
animation (1)What others have said;

Well written, concise stages and steps in dealing with family treasures. As most of us have had to deal with the loss of a loved one or one who can no longer live on their own, going through family treasures can be exhausting and overwhelming. This book will walk you through it all so the decisions that need to be made will be so much easier. Highly recommend. – Sue I

A practical and thoughtful guide to downsizing for yourself and for your children. I found this book very helpful as I was downsizing my own home – EM


How to give you kids permission to throw away you old sweater or shoes that they make think is sacrilege to put in the trash.

You will learn that keeping the family storage business open for the kids to put their stuff will be more painful for them deal with once your.

You will also learn what to do with all the family pictures you have that your kids will cherish but may have no clue about who’s in the photo.


This book is for all of that have reached the stage of life where we know there is more life behind us than ahead.

It is for parents who want to make the loss of you easier for you kids to deal with, without adding to it.

This book is NOT about being morbid or sad, it is about living!  It is about doing things that will make your life easier and less stressful knowing you have done what’s right for you and your family

What a great book. For those of us, and I include myself, that have collected hordes of things over the years, this is a great book to give some advice on how to downsize without “cutting into the bone” and getting rid of things you really do need. Highly recommended. I’ll be checking out other books by this author. Richard L

love the concept of “right-sizing”! This book does a great job of addressing a topic most either don’t think about or are uncomfortable approaching. This book is a true gift…giving both you and your loved ones the gift of peace of mind!! High recommended! Keith W


About the Author


I am a  very alive and active senior who enjoys life, travel, my family and most of all writing about it. I write about aging and how to do just well, happy and long.  We are all aging no matter what our current age, doing so with the right mindset and determination can make it an enjoyable journey.

I write from the heart, the head, and my own experiences.  My books could be classified as educational because they do make an attempt to teach people what I have learned through living, experience, and self-education.  As the saying goes; we teach what we most need to learn.   Many of the books I write are issues I may be facing or have faced and needed to learn about to come over them. But I also write about things that I believe would help others learn.  I also write across the generations addressing things children and grandchildren are facing in this fast paced and ever complex world we all live in.

Most of my books focus on helping others age well and as my tagline on my blog about aging reads live the best rest of their lives.


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