Do You Consume everything you get?

March 31, 2017

Clean Your House Before You Go

Most of us don’t!

Many of us purchase food and don’t consume it all before its expiry date.  We also purchase clothing that we don’t wear.

We buy magazines we don’t read, and books we forgot we even had.

Life needs books

Life needs books

And today with all the information on the internet we often download “important” stuff that we never open.

That goes double for the things we get for free!  Why do we even accept it or download it?

Most of us do so because we perceived a need at the moment, but as time passes so does the need.

All this Stuff – Is it really all that important?

Is it any wonder then that we end up with so much stuff?  Our houses are cluttered with unused things.  Even our computer hard drives are filled to the brim with articles, books, reports and free stuff we will never use.

Adding to that are key things that we should be using.  If you have downloaded a book on some particular health issue then it should be read especially if it is your health issue.  Ebook readers are popular these days and almost everyone has one on some device.

ereaders save space and the environment!

e-readers save space and the environment!

The good thing about consuming books and articles this way is that you don’t have to worry about disposing of them when you are done.  And if you are concerned about the environment you won’t have to feel guilty about killing trees with your voracious appetite for the written word.


Digital isn’t always appropriate.

My books are almost all digital with exception of workbooks that requires written input if they are to be of lasting value.  I have and am considering making then in a format that allows the input to entered digitally, but have a concern that some of my reads will not be able to do so.  In the future, you may find that there will be an option for doings so.

On the topic of Stuff, we don’t consume and that litters our homes you can read my book that will help you to get rid of some the tangible items are actually not consumable.

The books is

Clean Your House Before You Go

New Book



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