Happy? Learning to be is not what you are taught in school.

March 29, 2017

Of all the things we learned in school, how to be happy wasn’t on the list.

Babies make everyone happier!

I guess when we were going to school it was just assumed we were happy.  For many, that was the truth, but sadly for others that was not the case.  Thankfully today teachers or the education systems are more aware of the emotional health of their students.  It is not the intent of this post to get into the good or the bad of any educational system.

The intent is rather to help open your mind to what being Happy means and the role it plays in your life, especially as you get older.

For some getting old seemed to have a pattern that is now out of date.  At least in my mind anyway and I hope with my writing and courses to eventually help others see the many benefits being happy offers, especially as we get older.

Society in many ways has changed its perspective on aging and while many of my books seem to focus on the end of life that doesn’t mean I am not focused on Living.  I am, very much so.


Life needs books

So while I still have a couple of items around the topic on the end of life to finish off, like the book of “Leavings”, there are several more on the go that speak to living the best of life no matter what your age.

The one I am most excited about is titled – Aging – Let’s Do It Differently!  I am sure you will see some of it crop up in my posts as is often the case when I am contemplating, researching and refining what I write.

Not to forget the topic of this post which is also something I have been checking out.

Being happy as we age I’ve learned means different things to different folks.  To some, it means contentment with their life.  To others it means fulfillment, and still, others say it is satisfaction.  I have even had people tell me it was a sense of relief.  Whatever you call it I am eager to explore what BEING HAPPY means and how we can learn to be happier.  It does seem to have an affect on how we live our lives.

In the meantime check out this short book I wrote on the topic.

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