Looking to lose in the most unlike places

December 5, 2016


When attempting  to lessen our load of clutter as we age we need to look for places that we often would not consider.flea-market-1132551_1280

There is one place we rarely ever consider even though we probably use part of it every day. I think every one of us with a kitchen has one of those corner cabinets that is so cavernous you can’t reach the back of them. That’s right the one I just gave you a solution for in the previous chapter. Well, I would bet you dollars to donuts (doesn’t that show my age) that there is stuff in there that you forgot you even had. If that’s the case, pitch it. You can’t miss what you didn’t know you had and if you did need it you have probably replaced it by now.


So now it is your turn, what will you leave for your kids or family to clean up? Do you have a lot of clutter in your house? What about in the rooms or basement where you or your visitors rarely go are they the hiding places for stuff not used? Do hang on to clothes that no longer fit? Do you have bedding that you no longer use? What about those books you’ve read or even forgot you had to read are they stacked in some corner or on that top shelf in the closest you can no longer reach?
Maybe now is the time to just get rid of it. This is not about your personal treasures; this is about the standard day to day things that were once important to our family’s ability to function and are not longer needed. Do you have two or even three mops or dusters or a drawer full of cleaning cloths? Time to dispose of them. And how about those Swiffer’s, you know the ones that have a new holder in every box and that you don’t throw out when you get a new box. Heck, they still work, why would you throw out something that still works, right? Well its’ time, for better or for worse to toss them. We don’t need them. Get rid of them they are just clutter, and they don’t help us clean anymore.

Just disposing of some of the things we used to use to clean, and with kids, there is always more cleaning, will make a big difference. The kids are gone, we are all grown up, and most of us know how to clean up after ourselves. We don’t need dual anything anymore. And it is amazing how freeing it is to be able to turn around in a room and not see something that needs putting away or dusting. Yay, freedom for the next chapter is our life! Living without clutter also frees us from worrying about it and reminds us not to start re-cluttering our lives.

I simply can’t believe that our houses are more dirty or messy than when the kids were living at home. So why do we need all that stuff? We don’t! Do yourself and your kids a huge favor and get rid of what you don’t need, don’t use and if you dig deep know you don’t want.

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