What do we do with all this Stuff?

March 7, 2017

Keepsake or forgotten memories

Where does all the stuff come from?


Kids and clutter seem to go together, the question is why do we still have it years after they have left home? After they have gone on to have homes of their own what is left becomes clutter.

A lifetime of gathering the families Stuff

Left to tell

It is pretty common for parents to want to keep some of the things the kids made or wore when they were growing up.   Somewhere along the line though that keepsake pile grew and expanded way beyond the original intent. Who would have guessed that we could gather this much stuff? Now as we get older ourselves we see the need to reduce what has been accumulated.  All the things that were left to tell do the story of our kid’s lives. Those kids are now starting new lives with new stories of their own children.   What we are left with is more than we can or want to deal with.

Downsizing vs rightsizing



Now is always easier than Later

While you may not, just yet, be planning on downsizing you may need to do some rightsizing.  Taking on this task earlier rather than later is a wise thing.  The longer you take to reduce what you have makes it much harder as time goes by.  Not only do you get more sentimental about things the truth of the matter is you have less energy to do the work. Downsizing seems to be the next logical progression.  A progression made much easier by rightsizing while we still have the energy.

Save Your Energy

Getting older and possibly being empty nester should allow you more time to do things you have wanted.  Attacking the clutter when you have time is not really what you had planned.  Dealing with it early means you can save your energy for getting out and doing what you have worked to do – enjoy life.


As we get older we discover we have too much stuff and not enough energy to deal with it.


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