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The Older You Get the More Planning Required

Older doesn’t mean less involved

Our adult children are having to plan for everything from work commitments and kid activities to keep their relationships intact. While we on the other hand, or so they think because we are older, have little to do. How wrong they are.

Older people are busy too

Busy aging with places to go and things to do.

Aging Well Takes work especially as your get older

Getting older takes a lot more effort than it used to. If you are in relatively good health, you need to make plans for remaining that way.

If your health is starting to fail then now is the time to plan for making it better.  We all know that there are some things in life that we can’t plan for but there are also a lot we can.

Older doesn’t have to mean unhealthy, or weak.


Why is it that we fail to work on what we can until the last minute.  Most of us have worked hard for someone else all our lives, why not do the same for ourselves.


Work Harder for Ourselves


Everything seems harder the older you get, but when you become your own boss the results are worth it.  So start work for YOU INC.   Create a business plan for living your life, healthier, happier and longer. Keeping mind and body engaged is now your life’s work and a job no one wants to fail at.   But neither should you get stress out about.  Reports are that the older we get for some reason the more stressed we are.  Just when we should be enjoying life we start to worrying about our ability to do so.   Stress is dangerous at any age, but even more so when you get older.  Perhaps you have read my book about it.

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You have a lot living to do and when you do you will have more to leave behind that will teach the rest how to live well, live happily and live long.  The book I am currently working on  LEAVINGS’   will show you just how important this is.

You can also read my previous post on the topic by clicking HERE.


Dealing with Family treasures

Make sure Family Treasures are more than just STUFF


well loved but the need has faded

Dying is the last thing most of want to think of let alone talk about, but there are just somethings that need considering.  Some of those things are what I wrote about in my newest book A guide to dealing with family treasures so your kids won’t have to – Clean your house before you go.


No, the book isn’t all doom and gloom about dying and who gets what.  Well, there is a little of that but mostly is it about getting rid of all the baggage and stuff we accumulate over a hopefully long life.  The younger we are, and when I say younger I’m thinking under 70, when we do this the easier it is and will be for everyone.  Just to give you and idea on what need looking after here is a short chapter from the book:

Your beloved, treasured Antiques are now just old stuff

Older isn’t necessarily Better


Now on to the wonderful days of garage sales, where you found a once coveted lace table cloth.  If you were once one of those happy individuals, it’s time to give up old habits.  I have on our property a Sea Can full of antiques and garage sale finds that an old friend asked us to keep when she moved out of the country.  What she hoped would be her stash for cash when she needed it has become an albatross around her neck.  She finds there is no longer a market for it.  In addition, where we live out in cow country with nary a neighbor for miles nor a place where garage sales are held, she has little hope for making a killing on it.  As we are now making plans to move to a smaller house closer to the city, she is challenged to find a way of getting rid of it from afar.


Another thing for you to remember is that if the desire for antiques is declining, and I know in some places it is not, but in general they are, what will the kids who may not have room for them do?  There comes that guilt again. They will have already gone through whatever guilt comes with losing a loved one, and now those feelings will return.  It is far easier for us to think that someone will want and cherish the family heirlooms.  In some place, they most definitely still do; the question is, will they have a place for it?

Minimalism Is In


Look at some of the designer magazines or even some of the house flipping shows.  Most have clean, sleek lines with no oversized bulging china cabinets.  Showcases have been replaced with stylish display shelves that won’t hold a collection of heavy vases or porcelain dolls.  Some looks don’t include dressers, as they opt for closets with built-ins and sliding doors behind which are rods and drawers all neatly placed.


Perhaps, it is the time to rethink our way of living.  Minimalism doesn’t mean doing without, and since we do less of what we used to do, regarding entertaining, minimizing just a little shouldn’t be too much of a burden.


Home sized matters


If you or your family live in a big city, where homes are small and condos are even tinier, space is at a premium.  Most of the furniture we had is now way too big to fit in these places.

For storage, there simply is none.  When you think about what you are saving for the kids, keep these things in mind.  There is a lot more to leave behind than just stuff.  Check out my article on Leavings.




Are you wondering about Aging in Place

Aging in Place is the current term for getting old at home.  But, if you were to do a search online you won’t find much that will actually give you any idea how to do that. Sure, there are Doctors, nurses and resource sites all over the web.  The problem is they don’t provide you with any concrete guidelines that will prepare you for aging at home.  That what my newly revised book intends to fix. It is a roadmap, a how to, or what to do if you in fact do want to age at home.

I just finished having it edited and while I am putting the finishing touches on it why don’t you take a look at the new cover for AGING SAFELY AT HOME, NOT IN A HOME  and let me know what you think of it.  In the next post, I will share the table comments and you can let me know if you think I have missed something you want to know.

Many people have written about “aging gracefully”, being a senior myself I am more concerned about “aging safely” and that is why it is the title of my new book. If we are safe and allowed to do so at home, then it is much easier to accept age and doing so gracefully.



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