The Hardest Conversation


Contrary to popular belief, most seniors live independently while maintaining strong relationships with family and friends. Their personalities remain relatively stable throughout their lives. Depression occurs less in those who remain in their homes than in institutionalized seniors. Normal age-related changes do occur and, as we get older, from around 85, not only our mental but our physical capabilities diminish.  It is at this time that family members and seniors themselves (even when unspoken) start to get concerned about what the future will or should look like.   The purpose of this book is to help you through that difficult discussion so that both sides can feel they have come to the best possible scenario going forward with the relationship still intact.

It is not normal aging that threatens the future, it is the things we take for granted and things we are not prepared for.  So this talk is not about parents who are thriving, active and living in an environment that supports their lifestyle.

It is a start to having conversations that will help prepare everyone for a future that can be enjoyed while being cognizant and prepared for things that might change the future.  It is like creating a map with your parents.


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