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Who am I…

I am a  very alive and active senior who enjoys life, travel, my family and most of all writing about it. I write about aging and how to do just well, happy and long.  We are all aging no matter what our current age, doing so with the right mindset and determination can make it an enjoyable journey.

I write from the heart, the head, and my own experiences.  My books could be classified as educational because they do make an attempt to teach people what I have learned through living, experience, and self-education.  As the saying goes; we teach what we most need to learn.   Many of the books I write are issues I may be facing or have faced and needed to learn about to come over them. But I also write about things that I believe would help others learn.  I also write across the generations addressing things children and grandchildren are facing in this fast paced and ever complex world we all live in.

Most of my books focus on helping others age well and as my tagline on my blog about aging reads live the best rest of their lives.

And, because I am also a Grandmother, I occasionally write books for children, most often when prompted by my Granddaughter, a very thoughtful, kind and old soul at 11. When speaking to her about how old I am getting her saged response was “your not old Grandma you are just aging with experience”.


  1. Can I buy your books

    • Hi Ann, all my books are on Amazon and think they are available in NZ. If not please let me know and we will find a way to get them for you. Thank you for your interest.


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