The Older You Get the More Planning Required

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March 5, 2017

Older doesn’t mean less involved

Our adult children are having to plan for everything from work commitments and kid activities to keep their relationships intact. While we on the other hand, or so they think because we are older, have little to do. How wrong they are.

Older people are busy too

Busy aging with places to go and things to do.

Aging Well Takes work especially as your get older

Getting older takes a lot more effort than it used to. If you are in relatively good health, you need to make plans for remaining that way.

If your health is starting to fail then now is the time to plan for making it better.  We all know that there are some things in life that we can’t plan for but there are also a lot we can.

Older doesn’t have to mean unhealthy, or weak.


Why is it that we fail to work on what we can until the last minute.  Most of us have worked hard for someone else all our lives, why not do the same for ourselves.


Work Harder for Ourselves


Everything seems harder the older you get, but when you become your own boss the results are worth it.  So start work for YOU INC.   Create a business plan for living your life, healthier, happier and longer. Keeping mind and body engaged is now your life’s work and a job no one wants to fail at.   But neither should you get stress out about.  Reports are that the older we get for some reason the more stressed we are.  Just when we should be enjoying life we start to worrying about our ability to do so.   Stress is dangerous at any age, but even more so when you get older.  Perhaps you have read my book about it.

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You have a lot living to do and when you do you will have more to leave behind that will teach the rest how to live well, live happily and live long.  The book I am currently working on  LEAVINGS’   will show you just how important this is.

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