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Be Positive About Aging

10 Ways to Forget Your Birthday Blues

Do you try to ignore your birthday and hope that your family and friends will forget the date? Some people love birthdays and everything they entail, but others feel a sense of loss at the thought of turning another year older.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of aging, it’s time to think more positively about getting older. After all, the alternative to getting older means life is at an end! 

So enjoy every day of your time on the planet, whatever age you are. 

Easier said than done? 

Here are the ways to feel better about your advancing years. 

1. Live mindfully. 

Appreciate the moment. Living in the past or comparing current you to you at twenty or thirty is not going to do you any good. Nor will worrying about the future. Make future plans that make you smile, but also live your life for today. 

2. Respect the Gains. 

Your mental and physical abilities change with age. No ne is denying that. However, there are gains as well as losses. Research shows that seniors often enjoy greater happiness and skills increase in some areas, including your ability to resolve conflicts and manage emotions.

3. Stay connected. 

Relationships play a big role in healthy aging. Make the effort to spend quality time with family and friends. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

4. Continue learning. 

Give your brain a daily workout. Read books and take courses online. Visit local science museums and historical sites.

5. Look after your health. 

If you care for yourself with good healthy food and exercise to keep you fit, strong and supple you’re bound to feel more positive than if you sit around all day in front of the TV and fill your body with junk. Get as much sleep as you can, too, so you feel ready to tackle every day as it comes. And see your doctor about any health issues so you don’t worry needlessly or leave an ailment untreated where there’s a simple solution.  

6. Be your own best friend. 

Give yourself grace as you get older. Aging is a natural process. Be kind in the way you talk about ourself to others or to yourself. Give the nagging critical voice inside the boot and give yourself a pep talk instead. Tell yourself that you grow wiser and more beautiful with each passing year.

7. Know your strengths. 

Recognize your talents and skills. Remember the accomplishments that give you a sense of satisfaction. Look for ways to use your strengths in daily life.

8. Be compassionate and giving.

Helping others is a quick way to feel happier with yourself. And it’s a great way to make new friends. Try volunteer work or offer help to an elderly or disabled neighbor who is struggling with their errands or yard work.

9. Set goals. 

Motivate yourself with specific goals. They will give a focus to your day. What would bring a smile to your face? Or make you feel that you are making a contribution to your loacility or the wider world? 

10. Look your best.

It’s not vain or shallow to want to look good whatever your age. Wearing a great outfit and having your hair and nails done can really put a spring back in your step and make the world feel brighter. Don’t let your sense of style go out of the window as you get older. There’s absolutely no need to look your age! 


Jan Small

believes every woman deserves to feel and look fantastic and she created a course “Ten Years Younger in a Weekend” to show how you can strip years off your age with a few simple changes. Find out more and get her free “Dump the Frump” checklists to help spruce up your wardrobe here:

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