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Stress a Silent Killer

This short book gives you insight on how stress can affect your life and well-being. Stress is the major cause of many illnesses. It can lead to a very unsatisfying life. Additionally, research has shown that stress Is more dangerous than You may think. In this short book, you will get to learn more about what stress is and tips on how you can manage it. This includes what it means and how it affects a person. There are so many people who are under stress and don’t recognize it.

You will learn some of the symptoms of stress. This will help you in identifying stress in advance and help you deal with it before it causes damage to not only your health but your life as well.

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 Life and Aging Walk the Same Path – Learn to enjoy the Journey


life and Aging

LNo matter what your current age the one true thing is that you are not alone, we are all aging. The difference is in how we are aging. Some people age well, others not so much. Use the concepts included in this short book to help make your journey a healthier and happier one.

Life, living, health and aging are all critically important to doing so well. Each is a very important topic on their own, this short book is meant provide you with informative and thought-provoking concepts for managing each element.