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Confidence is the key to success that begins in childhood

Whether you are a parent or grandparent helping children to become confident is paramount to their success in all aspect of life.  Confidence affects their ability and choice of friends, how well they do in school, and their future careers.

The challenge with confidence, much to the dismay of parents and grandparents is that you can not give any child confidence.  You also can’t teach them to be confident.  You can’t demand that they become confident and it is certainly not something that is in their genes.

So what are we to do.  Yes, we,  because I too have a granddaughter and I want nothing more than for her to confident in herself, her choices and her life.

There is one thing that we can all do when it comes to children and that is to help them learn.  I know I said you can’t teach them, but what that means is there is no set curriculum like, math or science or language arts for them to study.

Teaching in this context is helping them learn by setting the example of what confident means. It also means providing the tools to help them be confident.  One of those tools is a journal, someplace they can write about their feelings.

Kids often don’t talk about how they are feeling, they either keep things bottle up and become withdrawn or they act out.  By giving them a journal that clearly states its intent you are giving them a tool that doesn’t require you to get in their face, I think that is the phrase kids use these days.

I have created several blank and self-help journals understanding how each child is different not only in the food and clothes they like but colors and designs.

Check some of them out HERE

You can start them on the path of self-confidence by simply clicking on the image of the one you like to order it.