Family History seems so much better when shared

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March 29, 2017

Don’t let the family history die

It’s part of all our lives



Photos fade images of the mind do not

I am sure, when you go through the old family photos, you will come across pictures that show a piece of the family history. I know I have a picture of my great-great-grandfather, whose first name I never knew, but on the back was written the family last name, Rose. This was an old military picture on thick stock, showing a very stern looking man in uniform. As we asked some of our remaining relatives, we developed a picture of who this man was and his story. When we did it, it didn’t seem to big a deal until one of the grandchildren saw the file and was thrilled that she could use that story for a school project. I had long forgotten that schools often have kids do projects around family. So, it was a bonus on top of the original purpose.



Lasting Images

Create a lasting picture of your children’s children

If you are a parent with grown children with their own children, I would guess you have a lot of pictures of grandchildren. I would also guess you have taken a lot of pictures of the grandkids that your kids don’t have. Since you are gathering family photos, now is the time when you can also create a lasting legacy for your children. Take the photo, title each one, and write your own story about why you took the picture, where you took the picture, and how you feel about the picture.

I can guarantee you when you write about this Leavings (get the book ), these are the leavings your family will be happy you left.


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