Do You Remember When Living required Less?

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February 17, 2017

Do you remember when losing a family member seemed less complicated?


I would think many of us who have lived past the age of 60 has had to face the death of at least one or more loved ones.  These may have been our grandparents, or even aunts and uncles, but someone for whom we had great affection.  And even if we were not tasked with handling any of their affairs, we felt the pain of their loss.  Do you remember when an aunt, uncle or possibly one of your parents was standing there stoically accepting the heartfelt condolences of the people who had come to the funeral or as the call it these days “The Celebration of Life.”

Why was it that what was left when they were gone seemed much less that what is left from those we lose today.  Life in the times of our parents and grandparents seem to be lived with much less baggage.  Baggage in this context is stuff that we now seem to amass in greater quantities.

Having said all that, do you remember when the last time was that you considered what you could do to lessen the effect the loss of you might have on your children, family, and friends?

As we are blessed with living longer and the possibility of living in our homes until the end. Which one of my earlier books covered in details, the title of that book is Staying Home in Your 70s, 80s, and Beyond.






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And while this is the wish we all have there is a downside.  We are also living with a lot more stuff.  Stuff that others will have to deal with.



Now may be better than later


For times like these, we often do our best to think of doing something later.  Well, later may not be that far away, so perhaps, now is a better time to consider what needs to be done.  When later arrives, we may not be capable of doing what we know should be done.  These should not be depressing thoughts.  We need to view them as something good we are doing for our families.  If we have negative thoughts about the things we should do and we are just downright disheartened to do, we should remember why we are doing them.    Our goal is to take care of things now, so they do not become a hardship for our families after we are gone.


Part of this post is an excerpt from my latest book – Clean Your House Before You Go.

Clean Your House Before You Go

New Book

Like it or not we are all going to leave one day.  When that time comes do we really want our kids to have to say good-bye over and over while they have to deal what we leave behind.

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