Journals and Notebooks – for the Grandkids

Grandparents have huge responsibility

Which is to teach our grandchildren about their family history.  By doing so we give them a sense of self worth and self esteem.  You will find books on this page create to help you and them do just that.  

These books where created as journals that have a few lines for you to write short notes each day.

The next area where Grandparents can help is BULLYING

While a horrid topic and one most of grandparents are loathed to think of happens.  So I felt that even if our grandkids don’t want to talk about it  we can still  offer our silent support.  

So I created these journals for kids with covers that tell the story and provide a private place for they can vent and write about what they are experiencing in the moment. Writing and journalling is a cathartic exercise that is used world wide. Kids are often taught to use it in school.

You can help by simply buying one of these and either giving it to them when you feel they have the need or when they express concerns about someone being bullied or bullying them.