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Reading, Writing and Rethinking Life

Getting older has nothing to do with loss.  Yes, as we get older we do lose friends, but if we want to continue living a full life, we make new ones. Yes, some of us also lose some of our agility, but we must also work to keep what we do have operational. Yes, we do lose our jobs.  Seems no matter how much we might want to continue the business world feels we have have lost our abilty to contribute.  The truth of the matter is having us retire is their loss, we can find more fullfilling ways and place to share out wisdom. So if you put your mind to it you can reinvent your life.  You can create a life you want to live, work and play in.  The one thing that we must never lose is our curiosity about what tomorrow will bring.  It will bring what ever you want to focus on. We have all read or heard the saying (which I think was attributed to Walt Disney) if you dream it and believe it you can achieve it. Or something to that effect. The point here is to never stop dreaming no matter what your age.  Getting older, again, does not mean giving up on living, it means getting on with creating the life you want. No Boss, No problem – you just got a promotion.  Learn how to manage your life and prosper your way! Click here to get your FREE Personal Power Cheat Sheet